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Everyone can join the PSY NFT FAM, the more you give the more you will get, we have created this signup form to find out more about your practice as a psychedelic artist and what we expect from our members. Please make sure you have read our home page and agree with our vision.

Naturally we are a Psychedelic NFT art group, not all your work has to be psychedelic, but it is the kind of art we expect you to present when joining the group.


The sign up form will explain what we can offer and what we expect from you.


Signing up to the PSY FAM means you will have the chance to have your token minted on our Opensea collection.

For more information please join our Discord! See you at the party, we look forward to meeting you!


For a better understanding of our goals and rules have a look to the project and roadmap page

Join PSYFAM NOW fill form


Psy Fam Tokens on Opensea

The PSY FAM tokens allow our artists and collectors to form a more intimate relationship, they also help us raise funds to pay for gas fees when minting your premium NFTs on our Foundation account.


Features include:

  • Series One limited to 420 Unique 1/1 NFT acid tabs

  • Allow NFT Collectors and artists to win extra bonus Ethereum from sales of premium PSY FAM NFTs

  • Allow voting rights in the PSY DAO

  • Plus many More features! 

Psychedelic NFT Vision

We have many prominent visionary artists in our fam, and we aim to seek the best, trippiest and freshest artists to keep growing our fam, for together we are strong.

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